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The Best Nashville Home Builders Right Now: New Construction Homebuying

Best Nashville Home Builders: New Construction Homebuying

It's a very exciting experience for someone who is looking to build their dream home and explore Nashville real estate. From custom designs, fresh paint, and all of your vision of a perfect home come to life-- It's very easy to get lost in the process, and sometimes, homebuyers tend to overlook important factors that can very much affect the outcome of your experience and your dream house.


When homebuyers venture into Nashville's new construction homes, they often encounter several challenges including premature maintenance, construction delays, cutting corners by builders, rising costs of materials and labor, overstretched budgets, poor construction quality, and lack of communication. We could obviously say we want none of that. Speaking on behalf of my experience as a real estate expert who has been helping buyers for nearly a decade and as a homebuyer myself.


This blog is to help and guide you in your options when it comes to new construction homes. There are lots of home builders to choose from who are developing new Nashville real estate every year.

Here, we are featuring 8 of the popular, highly-rated custom home builders, home renovation, and home additions in various price ranges, and styles. You will have a much better range of choices, who can make your Nashville new construction homes come to life.

Hidden Valley Homes: New Construction Nashville Homebuying

One thing you should know about building luxury homes in Nashville is that Hidden Valley Homes, established by Jim Spangler in 2009, is renowned for its luxury estates in Nashville's expensive neighborhoods. They provide fully customizable homes and also offer renovation services.


  • PRICE RANGE: $660,000 to $7M

  • HOMES FOR SALE IN AREAS SERVED: Brentwood real estate, Franklin real estate, and Nashville

  • ARCHITECTURE STYLES: Modern, transitional, and contemporary

You can choose to build a new home or buy a property of theirs that's already under construction. The homes are fully customizable and you can choose the style that'll be planned to your liking by Hidden Valley Homes' chief architect.

Donnelly Timmons: Nashville New Construction Homebuying

Donnelly Timmons Custom Builders, founded in 2001 by Dustin Timmons and Joey Donnelly, have a strong focus on communication. They personally manage each project and have experience in both new construction and renovations (reselling distressed properties in the beginning), and keeping the fine line between the two ever since.

Their company's services include custom addition services (house extensions, sunrooms, and above-garage additions). The company's founders highly believe that one of the critical aspects, if not the most, is communication. Dustin and Joey partake in the job site activities daily.


  • PRICE RANGE: $75,000 TO $4M

  • HOMES FOR SALE IN AREAS SERVED: Brentwood areas (Forest Hills real estate, and Oak Hill real estate)

  • ARCHITECTURE STYLE: Modern, contemporary, and transitional

Their portfolio has grown by the hundreds over the past two decades in the areas of Nashville, Franklin, and Brentwood.

Castle Homes: Nashville New Construction Home Buying

Castle Homes, founded in 1993 by Alan Looney, is known for blending sustainable building techniques with beautifully crafted interiors. They have received numerous awards for their work prioritize energy-efficient design, and provide beautiful custom homes, remodeling, and home additions.

This company's astonishing portfolio includes hundreds of incredible homes that have received accolades (they've earned awards for Southern Living Custom Home Builder of the Year in 2012), Southern Living chose Castle Homes to build the "Idea House" at Fontanel.


  • PRICE RANGE: $400,000 to $10M

  • HOMES FOR SALE IN AREAS SERVED: Nashville, Belle Meade, Brentwood, Berry Hill, Franklin, Forest Hills, Oak Hill, Leipers Fork, Green Hills, and Nolensville

  • ARCHITECTURE STYLES: Modern, eclectic, arts and crafts, contemporary, classic, transitional, country, cottage, manor, English, Tudor, French, Italian, Greek, and Mediterranean

Their commitment to green building provides tons of benefits for their clients. They use energy-efficient ways that help with energy and water consumption, leading to lower bills.

Defatta Custom Homes: New Construction Nashville Homebuying

DeFatta Custom Homes, led by Joe DeFatta and his son David, has been recognized as a Top-20 Family Business in Nashville. They offer exceptional custom homes in three communities as well as the option to build on a client's own lot.


  • PRICE RANGE: $350,000 to over $2M

  • HOMES FOR SALE IN AREAS SERVED: Franklin, Nashville, Thompson's Station real estate, the town of Arrington, and Nolensville

  • ARCHITECTURE STYLE: Contemporary, traditional, colonial, and modern

The areas where they build their homes are in Franklin, Nolensville, and Winchester, areas with lush landscapes, and expansive lots, in a serene community, but you can always commission them to build on a lot you already own.

Stone Ridge Custom Homes: Nashville New Construction Homebuying

Stone Ridge Custom Homes, founded by Mick Rhodes in 2002, emphasizes personal involvement and attention to detail. They have completed various custom home projects and additions.

With 30 years of design and construction experience, Mick is the one who mentored his son from high school through college, eventually making Chris the current President of Stone Ridge Custom Homes.

Their services include custom homes and building additions.


  • PRICE RANGE: $250,000 to $1M

  • HOMES FOR SALE IN AREAS SERVED: Building homes for sale in Williamson County and Davidson County

  • ARCHITECTURE STYLES: Contemporary, transitional, and stone

Superior Custom Homes & Remodeling: Nashville New Construction Homebuying

Superior Custom Homes & Remodeling, established in 2007, boasts an expansive showroom and uses advanced technology to keep clients updated on project details. They use the online software BuilderTREND which allows users to check the details of the project at any time.

With 70 customizable floor plans available and offers custom designs from scratch, they've finished over 500 projects in nine counties throughout the Middle Tennessee region. They can sell clients property to build on or build on a property a client already owns.


  • PRICE RANGE: $100,000 to $3M

  • HOMES FOR SALE IN AREAS SERVED: Brentwood, Berry Hill, Belle Meade, Forest Hills, Franklin, Nolensville, Nashville, and Oak Hill

  • ARCHITECTURE STYLES: Modern, contemporary, transitional, traditional, and colonial

Forte Building Group: Nashville New Construction Homebuying

Forte Building Group, founded by Will Forte in 1993 with his son Adam, takes on a low volume of clients to ensure high-quality work. They have extensive experience in engineering, construction, and design.


  • PRICE RANGE: $700,000 to $5M

  • HOMES FOR SALE IN AREAS SERVED: Brentwood, Forest Hills, Belle Meade, Berry Hill, Franklin, Oak Hill, and Nashville

  • ARCHITECTURE STYLES: Modern, eclectic, traditional, contemporary, transitional, old English, French, and cottage

With 30 years and over 100 accomplished projects later, they continue to handle a low volume of projects. Each home Forte Building Group builds has a unique design and can be fully customized.

Hallmark Building Group: Nashville New Construction Homebuying

Hallmark Building Group, created by Dan Morehouse in 1999, offers custom home construction, renovation, and additions with a focus on using the latest technologies and providing exceptional client service.


  • PRICE RANGE: $350,000 up to $3M (depending on the service)

  • HOMES FOR SALE IN AREAS SERVED: College Grove, Arrington, Brentwood, Nashville, Thompson's Station, Nolensville, Franklin, and Forest Hills

  • ARCHITECTURE STYLES: Modern, contemporary, transitional, traditional, classic, romantic, cottage, New England, English, French, and European styles

Their online portal allows clients can view details of projects' photos, budgets, and construction timelines. Their portfolios consist of dozens of accomplished projects for their clients around Nashville.

Choosing Your Nashville Custom Home Builder

These best Nashville home builders cater to a wide range of needs and preferences, ensuring that you can find the perfect builder for your dream home. While Nashville has tons of talented and excellent home builders out there, we are going to make sure we get to feature other home builders in another blog post too, that will cover their uniqueness, so stay tuned!

Have more questions about buying a new construction? Reach out to get tailored advice for your unique situation!


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