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march madness
basketball bracket challenge

March Madness Bracket Challenge


Glad you're here! Welcome to the first step of our March Madness Basketball Bracket Challenge. I'm Ryan Boggs, a Nashville Real Estate Agent, and a massive sports enthusiast. I'm happy to invite you to register and secure your place in the group, share it to your friends and family too so they'd get the chance to win the prize!


What's in it for you?

  1. Nail the Perfect Bracket:  Are your predictions on point? Ready to take a shot? Will underdog teams defy the odds? The ball’s in your court! 🏀

  2. Compete for the Prize: 🏆 I’ve got an exciting prize waiting for the top bracketologist, "Sometimes all you need to win is to be the one to show up".

  3. Bragging Rights: Prove your hoops IQ! Bragging rights await the participant with the most accurate bracket. The winner might be YOU!  💪🏻

  4. Community and Fun: Join fellow basketball enthusiasts, coworkers, friends, and family. Discuss strategies, cheer for your picks, we'll celebrate buzzer-beaters together! 🎉

How to Play:

  1. Register for the event on the form below: After registering for the event, we'll email your confirmation of your place in the group.

  2. We'll be using ESPN Tournament Challenge Group: Further details will be sent on the confirmation email, along with important details such as the prize , and more!

  3. Make your selections for each game!

  4. Submit your bracket and cross your fingers: I'm looking at YOU who might get the chance to WIN!  🙌🏽

are you game?

Sign up and secure your spot now!

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