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Relocating to Middle Tennessee: Key Reasons To Move To Pleasant View, Tennessee

Relocating to Middle Tennessee: 5 Reasons To Move To Pleasant View, Tennessee

Pleasant View is a city in Middle Tennessee that's becoming an increasingly popular city for families, young professionals, and retirees moving into. Although it's very small compared to other suburbs, Pleasant View has seen fast and consistent growth of new residents over the past 5 years. For the fourth quarter (Q4) of this year, it's considered one of the fastest-growing small towns in the nation.

There are multiple reasons why this is one of the cities that people would choose to move into, and in this blog post, we'll discover the five reasons why it's attracting homebuyers all over the nation!

Living in Pleasant View, Tennessee

Living in Pleasant View, Tennessee | The Ryan Boggs Group

Pleasant View, Tennessee is an ideal location that combines both the charm of a small-town rural life and easy access to the state capital, Nashville, along with the city of Clarksville. It mixes both the rural and suburban feel that a lot of people are looking for. Living in Pleasant View, Tennessee is also a one-of-a-kind experience for each resident as it is a charming city with a welcoming atmosphere and lots of beautiful outdoor spaces, parks, and trails. Perfect for those looking for an active lifestyle.

Cost of Living and Real Estate Market in a Nutshell

As you consider relocating to this idyllic corner of the state, you'll find that the cost of living in Pleasant View is notably affordable, making it an appealing option for those looking to stretch their budget further. Additionally, the real estate market here provides a range of housing options, from cozy family homes to picturesque properties, ensuring there's something for everyone.

According to Payscale, the cost of living in Pleasant View, Tennessee is 16% below the national average. For housing, it's 30% below national average, utilities 11%, and groceries 2%.

As of August of 2023, the median sale price in Pleasant View, is at $370,000, coming down 7.5% compared to last year's median sale price.

Thriving Job Market and Economic Opportunities

Job Opportunities in Pleasant View, Tennessee

Pleasant View had a 2.5% increase in the job market from last year. It is predicted as well that in the course of the next ten years, 46.9% is the percentage of job growth, which would be higher than the national average of 33.5%, The largest industries in Pleasant View, TN are Health Care & Social Assistance, Educational Services, and Public Administration.

With a diverse range of industries and a growing business community, this welcoming town offers a promising environment for career growth and financial stability.

School System

Top-rated Schools in Pleasant View, Tennessee

The city also boasts a great school system that makes it an ideal destination for families. The local schools prioritize student success and provide a nurturing and stimulating learning environment.

Here are some of the top-rated schools in Pleasant View, Tennessee:

  • Sycamore Middle School

  • Pleasant View Elementary School

  • Sycamore Middle School

  • Pleasant View Christian School

  • Sycamore High School

Things to do in Pleasant View, Tennessee

Things to do in Pleasant View, Tennessee | The Ryan Boggs Group

There are lots of things to do in this small town. Aside from the yearly community events, there's also an abundance of nearby tourist attractions, must-visit places, and local favorite food spots.

Here are a few activities and places you should check out if you're checking out the city!

  • Spend a leisurely afternoon at the Pleasant View Village Park.

  • Check out the city's history with a guided tour of the Pleasant View Historic District.

  • For those seeking to go on outdoor activities around nature, take a hike in Pleasant View Trailhead.

When visiting Pleasant View, you should stay updated with the annual festivals and events within the community, and if you ever find the city lacking in other activities, it's a great reminder that the city is near several national parks and recreational areas, perfect if you're seeking for other adventures within the area,

Close-Knit Community and Strong Sense of Belonging

Communities in Pleasant View, Tennessee

Like other suburban communities in Middle Tennessee, Pleasant View offers a great set of neighborhoods with closeness like no other. Families who chose to settle in this humble city found themselves in the presence of a community with an instant connection to them. You could really say that it's a small town where Southern hospitality thrives!

Beautiful Homes, Perfect Neighborhoods

Pleasant View, Tennessee homes for sale | The Ryan Boggs Group

In Pleasant View, you'll discover a wide array of stunning homes nestled in picturesque neighborhoods. From charming family houses with spacious yards to modern properties with all the amenities, this town has something for every taste and lifestyle. The perfect blend of natural beauty and close-knit communities makes Pleasant View an ideal place to call home.

Moving to Pleasant View, Tennessee

Moving to Pleasant View, Tennessee

In summary, Pleasant View, Tennessee, emerges as a remarkable place to live. With its unique blend of rural charm and suburban convenience, this small but rapidly growing city offers a compelling package of benefits. From an affordable cost of living and a diverse real estate market to a thriving job market with promising economic opportunities, Pleasant View is a city on the rise.

The reasons why Pleasant View is attracting new residents from all over the nation become abundantly clear. It's a place where small-town charm meets big opportunities, where the cost of living aligns with quality of life, and where the sense of belonging is palpable. If you're in search of a place to call home that truly offers the best of both worlds,


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